Prior to the late 1960s, every male toad wore a hat out in public. We are not quite sure why they stopped wearing them; various theories have arisen but no conclusive proof has been put forth.

What is clear now is that hat wearing by toads (and many amphibians) is on the rise, and where there is a trend, there is a potential market.

We cannot rely on the government to help in this area. As you will see below, this initiative belongs to private industry alone.

A brief history in fashion


Look here how the federal government is spending your money (source: .

gallery/spending chart
In 2018 alone, the federal government spent $4.17 trillion for all sorts of non-toad related extravances like social security, medicare and national defense.

Even with all this spending, the millinery needs of these second class citizens are completely overlooked!


This is where, and you as a future franchisee, fill the gap. This vast, untapped market exists in territories around the country and indeed, around the word. There are millions and billions of toads in the world with no hat whatsoever. Think of the possibilities.

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