Spring 2023 Toad Emergency Kits

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Instructions for use

Please take your 2023 Hats4toads.com emergency kit wherever you go. That way, you can ensure you are ready for unhatted toad-related emergencies wherever they happen.

Should you encounter an unhatted toad, here are the recommend steps:

1) Secure the area using the provided caution tape

Picture is (c) 2023 Danielle Heller

2) Remove the ramen pack and offer it to the toad. Toads are very partial to ramen.

3) Assemble the lights for Starry Night with the provided instructions. This should take less than 20 minutes. Re-insert the light board into the box, lining up the lights with the stars.

4) Pull out the stools and affix the stickers to the tops.

You now have a studio suitable for trying on the three provided hats. Have the unhatted toad try on all three hats in no particular order.

Try both backgrounds. Pose the toad with Nan and Byron if possible.

Picture is (c) 2023 Danielle Heller

Assuming all is well, leave the now hatted toad to go about its business, knowing you have made the world a better place.

Picture is (c) 2023 Danielle Heller

Please share your adventures with us at spam@hats4toads.com.

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